FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Terror Fabulous “Gangster’s Anthem”

Original Gun Man Tuneterror

When the name Terror Fabulous is mentioned one often starts belting out Nadine Sutherland’s famous hook on “Action” followed by mumbling Terror’s retort, we all do it even to this day. What most don’t recognize that when Terror Fabulous broke out in the early 90’s he was one of the few Dee Jays that wasn’t afraid to talk about the harsh realities of living in Jamaica, this rawness is what propelled Terror’s Yaga Yaga album to be the hardest major label dancehall album ever, that and Dave Kelly/Madhouse specifically wanting no remix or any sort of watered down vibes. To this day “Gangster’s Anthem” is still revered as one of the biggest gun man tunes ever, so big it was recently sampled for Vado and Mavado’s appropriately titled “Gangster.” Video After The Jump…


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