Collie Buddz Speaks on “Light It Up” Tour, New Album

Mr. Buddz Lets Us Know The Real Deal Behind His New Single “Payback’s A B**tch”

Collie Buddz has been chillaxin’ for a minute but he’s ready to rise again. His recent release “Payback’s A B**ch” is just the first warning shot of a full clip of new tunes he’s preparing to let off later this year. And tonight his “Light It Up” tour kicked off at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. (along with Cris Cab and the New Kingston Band). They’ll soon touch the stage at SOBs NYC April 18. We caught up with the Bermuda Bad Bwoy to see what he’s been up to since the last time he came around. Interview After The Jump…

BOOMSHOTS: We’re looking forward to seeing you touch down at SOB’s this Thursday and I just wanted to catch up with you. The latest thing is that “Paybacks a B**ch,” record right?

 Collie Buddz: Yes!

I gotta say I feel sorry for the girl in that song. 

Haha! It’s all a joke thing, there’s nothing really serious about it.

Oh really? Cause that one seemed like it was written with a lot of feeling.

 Nah, nah—not at all. It was actually the total opposite. Yeah it’s just a joke thing man.

Well, it captured some people’s imagination, let’s say that!

That’s good. That was the mission.

Now, is that just a stand-alone single or part of a larger project that you’re working on?

Well I been working on the album for a minute and it’s probably going to go on the album, but what we do is work on music and if it’s good and if we need to put out a tune, we put out a tune. But yeah, it’s definitely going on this next album. It’s going to be a lot like the first album—some hip-hop influence, a little bit of alternative, obviously the dancehall and a little bit of soca in there. We’re just trying to do it all different.

Do you still have your stable artists that you’re working with? Cause I remember from early you had some artists in the camp that you were building with as well.

Nah, not really. I’m focusing on myself right now. Fortunately , we have this tour going on and when you’re a little younger you have a little more free time and stuff…

Right now it’s all about that relentless grind..

Yeah, exactly.

Where have you been playing recently?

Well I took some time off to record and be with the family and just vibe out to some music. So our last show was in November, I forget where it was…in Guam. That’s right—November 25th or something like that. So this is our first tour of 2013. It’s all along the States. We are starting in the east coast, then the Midwest, then down to Texas, New Orleans, Orlando—a couple shows in FL. You can actually check out the dates on


Speaking of Light it Up, I heard you on that Snoop Lion album. That’s a serious cut, I enjoyed that a lot.

Nice, yeah that was fun. Produced by Super Dups, who we’ve done a lot work with. He produced “Blind to You” and “Tomorrow’s Another Day” on the first album. And a few other tracks that we have done in between the album and now. When he first sent it to me and I heard Snoop singing, it was a little… different. And I liked that. So I was like, “I’ma kill it!”

So you think the Snoop Lion thing is gonna go over big?

Well, I don’t know, I just applaud him for doing something different.

He’s definitely brought a lot of energy to Reggae.

Yeah, you got to reinvent yourself every now and again. I guess the album will speak for itself. I haven’t even heard it yet.

It’s not all reggae but out of the reggae tracks yours is one of the top selections for sure.

Wicked! Wicked! That’s whassup. I’m looking forward to hearing it.

I’m trying to think of what other projects I heard you on recently. You did that mixtape a little while ago.

Yeah, the EP, Playback. That was a while ago. Last year we were on the road heavy so I didn’t get that much time to record. The first tune I put out  for 2013 was “Paybacks a B**ch.” We have some really nice tracks lined up, fire tracks that we will be putting out before the album.

Anything that you can speak on now?

Yeah, it’s called “Light it Up!” That’s the next single. On this tour, I’m going to give them a little piece of it. A little teaser when we release it so when the people come out to the show they can actually hear what’s going on with it.

Something the herbalists?

It’s a mix, you’ll know when you hear it.

All types of lights are shining right now.

Yes sir! It’s a little different. The riddim is nice man. I never try and put out two tunes that are the same. So this one here is definitely a little next.

“Come Around” Official Video

When you first came out as a new artist, you had “Come Around,” which was a big hit on the radio. You were doing a lot of reggae shows as well as hip-hop shows. Has your audience evolved since then? Are you reaching different types of fan now? 

Yeah, definitely! It’s still fun to see how things snowballed into something a little bigger than it was when it first came out. It was like a mix crowd and it still is a mix crowd, big mix crowd. We get old, young, black, white. The music is universal so it’s… the crowd is bigger now. That’s a good thing but other than that I think it’s been pretty steady.

It’s good to see the progress of your career and all the quality tune you have put out.

It’s a lot of hard work. It’s starting to pay off.

No doubt! So will the album be called “Light it Up” also?

Nah, you know we ain’t even figure that out yet! Once we get all the tunes… It’s looking to be about 12 songs for the album.

So your looking to keep it real tight then—very selective.

Yeah of course. Just keep it real tight and just all hits. Just all class—that’s the music we make. No fillers.

All killers.

No fillers.

I’m looking forward to seeing you do your thing live. You’re gonna have some new songs in the set?

Yeah, new songs that haven’t been released yet. And of course all the classics. “Payback’s a B**ch” definitely. It’s going to be live, man. We changed up the whole set list. So people that have seen us in the last year or so, we’re switching it all up. It’s going to be nice, man, I’m looking forward to it.

And you’re sticking to your story that “Payback” is a fictional record?

Yeah, we’ll you know it’s just a fun record. I know everyone has been through that situation before. It’s something that everyone can relate to. But no intention to be anything like super serious. It’s just a fun little record.

You definitely captured some people’s imaginations. I’ve had some good conversations about that record.

No doubt. A lot of people ask me, who is that about?

Because you had the long-distance relationship record before—I thought this might be the part two.

Nah, sometimes when I write, it’s almost like the tune creates itself. It is something personal so it all make sense. But is just a record, just music.

So none of it’s real? Not even the part about “crazy girls have we weak?”

Well yeah, you know the pieces that are true.

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