Pusha T Explains His Love for Reggae

King Push Explains That His Love For Reggae Music Is Not Just A Fadpush

Reggae has sometimes been considered the long lost brother of Rap. Both started from similar plights and often share the same message of getting out the ghetto and making a better life for yourself. Because of this we see many Rap artists reach out to reggae and dancehall artist either to help boost a record or to increase their fan base. In most cases it’s just a marketing maneuver, but there are times when the artist does it for the pure love and respect for the music. In a recent XXL Magazine interview Pusha was asked about his affinity to reggae music, Pyrex P replied:

I just love reggae, period. I really do. Every concert that comes to my area always, always, always sells out regardless of who it is. We got a real big reggae following down there. It’s just dope and then I was thinking about what era I’m pulling from to make the mixtape, as well as My Name Is My Name, is the Belly cinematography, the fucking Shyne, Bad Boy, you know what I’m saying? All that type of shit. That’s something else that used to go hand-in-hand with hip-hop. Hip-hop and then something reggae infused. That was one of the colors that would be on everybody’s album. It hasn’t been like that in a minute.

You can check out Pusha’s entire interview here and reacquaint yourself with the Popcaan aided “Blocka” here.


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