WATCH THIS: Mavado ft. Karian Sang “Take It” Official Video

Private Jets, Yachts, and One Sexy Lady—Mavado’s New Video Is Definitely a Starbwoy Thing
Mavado’s been making major moves for a minute now, and signing Karian Sang to Mansion Records is just the latest power play. The Jamaica-born pop princess teamed up with the Starbwoy last fall on the Troyton-produced banger “Take It,” which has topped the charts in the UK. Now that she’s officially down with the Gully team they’ve pulled out all the stops for a video that’s full of lavish life. No wonder they call him the “Million Dollar Man.” Video After The Jump…
OK no long talking…. Let’s go to the video—Right Away!

How hot was that? If you’re fiending for more Mavado, we’ve got you covered.
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