Where Have We Heard This Tune Before?beirut


Today’s Flashback Friday is particularly special in that it features a song that most of us have never heard before until recently, thanks in part to Snoop Lion’s lastest single “No Guns Allowed.” Snoop’s plea for an end to gun violence really struck a nerve with listeners—not only for its subject matter but for its simple, hypnotic instrumental that was built off a sample of the song “Nantes” by the indie band Beirut’s 2007 album The Flying Club Cup. Nantes
was founded by New Mexico native Zach Condon, who recorded the debut album Gulag Orkestar in his bedroom. Major Lazer—with a little help from The Police’s master drummer Stuart Copeland—took the otherworldly track and gave it new life. Just add Snoop, Cori B, and Drizzy and you’ve got yourself a boomshot. Audio After The Jump…

Beirut “Nantes”

“No Guns Allowed”

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