WATCH THIS: Tifa “Champion Bubbler” Official Video

Tifa Does Her Ting In The Boxing Ring
Last month we caught up with Tifa for an interview that touched on all the drama amongst ladies in the dancehall. Now comes this video, which was filmed at the Stanley Gold boxing gym in downtown Kingston with members of the Jamaican national female boxing team. (Tifa came up with this concept herself.) During our chat she broke down her feelings on what’s been going on from her perspective—and judging from this tune on Dre Skull’s Kling Klang riddim, she ain’t about to lie down and be stepped on. Don’t miss the warning: “Which gyal want competition? She better know me ah whine weh her man… you never hear ’bout me ‘Matey Wine’ song?” Draw your own conclusions. Video After The Jump…
“Champion bubbler—can’t test me.” Run that…

Part 1 of 4: “Why is everybody so mad?”

Part 2 of 4: “Now it’s my turn to talk.”

Part 3 of 4: “Females are coming to the forefront in a bittersweet way”

Part 4 of 4: “I just want to get back to work… all the negativity can drain you.”

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