Watch This: Lee “Scratch” Perry’s “Vision of Paradise” Kickstarter Trailer

It’s Not Just a Movie—It’s a “Fairytale Documentary”

The story of Lee “Scratch” Perry has been told many times before, and it’s already been the subject of one outstanding documentary. But that’s not stopping Swiss filmmaker Volker Schaner from working on another Scratch movie. Schaner, who befriended the artist over a decade ago, has journeyed with Pipecock Jaxson around the globe documenting his day-to-day experiences while gaining personal insight into the artist’s enigmatic personality. With the creation of Vision of Paradise, more of Scratch’s wisdom will be introduced to the world but it can’t be done before the creators raise funds for the doc’s post production process. Video After The Jump…


What is it about?

A thrilling, poetic narration with the legendary Lee Scratch Perry, this movie is a unique project in many ways: it’s not a biography but rather a fairytale documentary! The director followed Lee Perry for 13 years and discovered a story that is almost impossible to believe: a revelation, told about and with one of the major protagonists of contemporary music. It is a mind-blowing encounter with „The Prophet“ of the international Rastafari movement, one of the icons of the Black Power movement and “the” inventor of reggae and dub and it is also a humorous adventure of epic dimensions. The movie can be seen as a guide for how to change the world with music – with a positive attitude, mindset or, as Lee Perry calls it: “vibration”.

Who Am I? I was 14 when I discovered the music of Lee Perry and Bob Marley, and as a German teenager, it changed my life. Since then it has always been my greatest dream to make a film with Lee Perry, whose mastery also lies behind so many Bob Marley songs. Now, 30 years later, we are about to finish this very extraordinary project and finally fulfill this dream. From the movie “Vision Of Paradise” For the past 13 years I have been going to his house regularly, equipped with my camera and microphone. Over the years we became friends and now we are looking at an immense collection of intimate footage full of surprise, excitement and poetry. The making of this movie has been a long and deep process revealing a shy and extravagant artist who is commonly regarded as a genius.

Why do we need your help? The movie has been financed out of our own pockets for all this time. Now we have completed the shooting and started the postproduction phase. We have a lot of supporters in many ways but we need to be able to concentrate on the movie for the next 6 months to ensure the best way to finish and publish it. Therefore we are asking you the kickstarter community, art and music lovers and the Lee Perry fan community for support. Of course we have created a bunch of very cool rewards that will make you proud of having supported our project!

Why should you help us to make this movie? Being part of this movie is unique: the movie will always be the most intimate, extensive and fascinating adventure you can possibly have with Lee Perry, one of the most special and influential artists of all times. This project is unrepeatable. It has always been a great adventure. It’s not a movie about only one person, its about a feeling, a vibration…

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