WATCH THIS: Lady Chann & Shizzle “Supathug Freestyle” Video

UK Bashment Queen Teams Up with Shizzle For Vicious New Video

When I first heard this girl I felt I could crap my pants at any moment from hearing her chat, and things ain’t really changed on that front! So when this video turned up in my DM inbox I knew I needed to take some personal time out to deal with it. Chann always keeps it real & being a tough cookie hasn’t kept her from keeping feminine and sexy. When Chann and her bredren Shizzle recorded this track over the classic Neptunes beat for her latest mixtape Dun Dem Season: The Trilogy it was decided then and there to shoot a video for it—and how glad are we that she did?!? Chann Is a girl who never forgets who’s been there for her and where she came from. Her loyalties go deep, but don’t sleep. She can take you out with a verse if she has to and its seems like she’s “addressing a few issues” on this one. (“Nuttin’ long.”) Hate is the new love, and we might not know exactly who Chann’s chatting to, but I’m sure they know who they are. Video After The Jump…

“Bad mind people try snake me out… So you think me nah hear what you talkin about?” Let’s go to the video!

“Don’t get it twisted I’m articulate / Can’t catch me in an interview talking shit”

Here’s Chann keeping it real in her last Boomshots interview:

Part 1 of 2: Chann talks about her new mixtape, working with Sticky, and why it’s all about “the man dem.”

Part 2 of 2: Chann reveals how Beenie Man changed her from a “baby” to a “lady,” why girls hate on other girls, and the definition of “Nang.”

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