HEAR THIS: Jo Mersa “Comfortable”

Something For the Empresses From Stephen Marley’s Eldest Son
Yesterday Bob Marley would have celebrated his 68th birthday. Today we get to hear a song from his grandson Jo Mersa, Stephen Marley’s eldest son, and a member of the Ghetto Youths Int’l family. Jo’s sound is very much next-generation, but as a raggamuffin youth he sure knows how to DJ his way around a love song. Time to get comfortable with this rebel. Audio After The Jump…
“I see our love growing stronger every day and she don’t care about what people say” Run that…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/10 Comfortable.mp3]
Like father like son… Jo and Stephen onstage in London


5 Responses

  1. cogollo says:

    allways good vibes commin from the marey familly, big tune!!!!!

    • Alana Mclean says:

      Very impressed!!!!!!I like the love ting.This one is a star.So beautiful. Some empress gonna love u to sing her that!!!!!Tune staying in my head.Top,top.Shaking a bit.So from the heart.I have work to do for real but I really could go on and on.That tune is BIG! xox

  2. niko says:

    I love the style, love ragga but I really don’t like auto-tune in general

  3. Hod-I says:

    Sell off! Big chune Mersa. BOOM!

  4. Peter says:

    Jo Mersa sounds good man. ‘Bad so’ and ‘Comfortable,’ they take a little while to grow on you. But now ‘Bad so’ is a big tune for me ‘Comfortable’ ah go follow suite. I think the Marley’s separate themselves when it comes to lyrics. So even if the tune isn’t like boom bam at first, it will grow on you. And that in the end makes their music stand out.

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