Buju Banton Juror Turns Over Computer for Investigation

Could The Banton Be On His Way To A New Trial?


In the latest crazy plot twist surrounding The Banton’s federal trial, Terri Wright, a juror who was part of the original trial has turned over her personal computer for investigation. After the trials proceedings concluded in February of 2010, Wright admitted to Florida-based media outlets that she researched Buju Banton and his music while serving jury duty. This fault could grant Buju and his legal team the mistrial they’re looking for. Find Out Why After The Jump…

Under federal law, any person serving in a jury is prohibited from discussing the case outside the courtroom nor they are allowed to research anything on the person who is on trial. At a December hearing, Judge James Moody ordered Wright to turn in her computer so that it can be determined if the research she did on Banton was done while she served jury duty or after the trial, her backtracked statement since she’s been brought back into court. Three additional jurors joined her in testifying. Two say that they never heard any other jurors discuss the case while the third admits that she heard another juror speak about it with other members of the group. Seemingly, each hearing will reveal something new.

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