Bob Marley’s 1977 Land Rover Gets Restored

Natty Dread Rides Again

Julian Marley posed by his father’s Rover before it was shipped off for repairs.

After being parked at the Bob Marley Museum for the past 25 years, Bob Marley’s iconic 1977 Land Rover has seen better days. But restoration of the rough and rugged vehicle is currently underway, sponsored by Sandals resorts. Last month the Rover, a dilapidated Defender Series III, was transported by flatbed truck to ATL Automotive in Montego Bay. The company recently released a time-lapse video to show what’s going on in their studios. Rohan Marley stated in an interview that the company has worked diligently to source the car’s parts from various countries including finding an original 1977 engine from Ethiopia. By the time his eldest sister Cedella gets done customizing the interior you can expect it to be di wickedest ride! Video After The Jump…

Shipping Out…

Shaping Up…

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  1. Alex says:

    The eternal beauty of the Land Rover icon is that there always would be enough enthusiasts to assist a recondition process by supplying the spares and working hard. Anyway, the Serie III from 1977 is not too old, and 90% of the original spare parts are still available at dealers all over the world. We have restored a Serie II with some minor modifications to 5% of the replacement parts.

  2. patrick says:

    Iam a Rover addict too…Iam rebuilding a 1977 series III as well.Spares still available…even here in Zambia.

    Patrick – 30th March 2013

  3. patrick says:

    I have been following on this restoration of Bob’s Rover before and after it was moved for restoration….he is my favourite singer…I have also seen the restoration Video!!!!!alot of work going on!!I acn’t wait to see the rover after the work!!!!

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