Anthony B’s Attorney Issues Statement on Ganja Bust

The Artist Maintains His Innocence And Plans to “Vigorously Fight”
Anthony B-BOOMOn January 27th, the Dancehall artist, Anthony B, was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. The artist was on a tour and while traveling through Georgia, the artist’s tour bus was stopped and searched by police who found marijuana, leading to the arrest of Anthony B and others on the bus. Since then, many have been questioning what will happen with Anthony B since Georgia has extremely strict laws when it comes to drug possession. Anthony B’s attorney Mark Douglas Esq. has released a statement yesterday responding to the arrest and how his client plans to fight the charges against him. Read The Full Statement After The Jump…

“There were recent reports that Anthony B has been arrested in Houston County, Ga. on drug related charges. Anthony B was returning from  a tour of the West Coast of the United States where he had performed several dates in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and NevadaWhile driving through the state of Georgia the tour bus in which the entertainer and his band were traveling was stopped, allegedly because the tint was too dark for a patrolman monitoring highway traffic.The police received the full cooperation of the all the passengers and while there was no indications of wrongdoing, the police had everyone exit the bus and proceeded to search the vehicle.  During the search, a small amount of marijuana, less than 4 oz., and rolling paper was allegedly discovered among the belongings of three band members. These individuals acknowledged at the scene, ownership of the substance that was found. No illegal items were found on Anthony B or among his personal possessions and despite his protestations of his innocence the police nonetheless proceeded to arrest everyone in the bus.

Based on the small quantity of marijuana that was found, the manner in which it was being held and the obvious indications of personal use by the parties who possessed the marijuana, the police chose to overcharge this as possession with intent to distribute marijuana. These charges are absolutely not supported by the facts of this case.

Anthony B maintains his innocence and will vigorously fight these charges. He looks forward to the opportunity to show over the coming  weeks that these charges are unfounded and but for the over zealousness of the police officers involved, he and others of his band would not have been charged Anthony B wishes to thank all his fans and supporters for their continued and overwhelming support as he fights these charges.”

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