WATCH THIS: Chronixx ft. Goldy “The Mini Song (Short-Short Dress)” Official Video

Chronixx Bigs  Up The Empress—Dem Haffi Walk An Talk Bout This Tune

“I and I respect woman deeply,” Chronixx told Reshma B in a recent interview. “Woman are the upholders of the earth.” In his latest video, the singer shows his deep appreciation of the female form, especially when it’s wrapped in a cute mini-skirt. Awhoah! Video After The Jump…“Oh what a mini! Oh what a short-short dress.” Run that…

Lick It Back From The Top… Original Style

Willie Francis’ other claim to fame was being the first person to record Cocoa Tea back in 1976… a tune called “Searching In The Hills” —but that’s another story for another day…

And by the way, here’s that aforementioned Chronixx interview

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  1. Alister says:

    Yeah man! Mi friend dem Goldy was good on dis track! Respect!

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