New York City’s Reggae Record Shops

Who Says Vinyl Is Dead? In These Temples of Tune, You’ll Find LPs & 45s In Stacks & Piles

You may get your music mostly via Spotify or Sharebeast, but deep down you know vinyl is way more fly. For half a century now reggae music has been pressed up on 45s and served like hot flapjacks at record shops throughout the five boroughs. NYC and London are the meccas—outside of Jamrock of course—but no matter where you live, chances are there’s a West Indian spot nearby where you can pick up some musical ammunition to throw on your phonographic Hi-Fi system and murder any drumpan. As my bredren Sherman once said, you cyaan chop a soundbwoy with an mp3. AnimalNewYork’s Ayman Ismail dropped by a few of our favorite NYC reggae spots with his camera and this is what he saw. Click On Photo Above To View Gallery

Moodies Records

3976 White Plains Road, The Bronx

Via AnimalNewYork

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