I-Octane Pon Radio Lily “Me Ting Global, So De Ting Set”

Octane Passes Through The Strictly Boomshots Show—It Siiiick

If you didn’t know I-Octane was on a mission to Conquer the Globe, consider this your first and last warning. The dancehall singjay who’s been blazing Jamrock for the past seven years or so has set his sights on outernational acclaim. Conquer The Globe is actually the name of Octane’s new production company, and if you’ve been paying any attention to his career thus far, then you know Octane is an extrordinarily focused individual who usually accomplishes what he sets out to do. Early last year he released his debut album, Crying To The Nation, an outstanding suite of tunes that was critically acclaimed but criminally slept-on by the general public due to lackluster promotion and limited radio play. At the close of 2012, he blessed his fans with a free mixtape called Thankful, which served notice that Octane. Since then he’s dropped yet another banger called “Gal A Gimmi Bun” that’s rocking the streets of Kingston as you read this. Just before heading down to Rebel Salute, Octane passed through the Strictly Boomshots show for some reasoning and a wicked freestyle or two. It Siiiiick.  Audio and Video After The Jump…

All Photography and Videography by Liz Barclay (Check gallery above)
Full Interview and Performance:

[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/STRICTLY BOOMSHOTS I OCTANE SEGMENT ONLY 01.14.13.mp3]

Video: IOctane Pon Radio Lily Part 1 of 2

Video: I-Octane Pon Radio Lily Part 2 of 2

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