HEAR THIS: Di Genius “Me Alone”

Stephen McGregor Speaks The Truth, Cause It What It Will (Dem Get Kill)
Stephen McGregor started out the new year by stepping out from behind the mixing board to talk his mind upon the mic. His chosen topic? All the forces holding back real reggae music—from mass media mediocrity to payola to straight-up fuckery. “Me know dem ah go vex and cuss when dem hear this. Remember who the cap fit let them wear it.”  Audio After The Jump…

“Can’t believe me catch dem ah mash up we dancehall.” Run the track…

[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/STEPHEN ‘DI GENIUS’ MCGREGOR – ME ALONE – DI GENIUS-21ST.mp3]

“Nuff a dem who say dem a radio man / Inna them link them nah play your song / And a get it from Johnny Wonder email your song”

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  1. kenjen says:

    classic style, right on timing

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