HEAR THIS: Chino “Sex Symbol” & “Argument (On Top Already)”

Big Ship’s New “Quack” Riddim Brings Back Classic Dancehall Vibes

The Big Ship family is definitely not ramping in 2013. Di Genius kicked off the new year by blasting hypocrites and parasites in the reggae industry with his track “Me Alone.” Now Chino’s followed up with two of his biggest baddest boasiest tunes ever. First up is “Sex Symbol,” which is all about how “the gal dem horny and thirsty” and “some bwoy ah carry feelings” because he’s got the ladies on lock from New York to London. But that’s just a warmup for Chino’s second tune on the “Quack” riddim—Big Ship’s hard-hitting re-lick of Jammy’s immortal 1987 “Duck” riddim. And Chino’s lyrics hit just as hard as the track: “Argument” is all about how Big Ship is “on top already” and how they “represent for Gregory, Sugar, Dennis Brown, Bob .” And just in case you feel Chino’s getting too hype; he’s one step ahead of you on that argument too: “We no frighten fi vanity,” he says at one point, “caw we have proper meddy.” Alright Chino, mek it go so then. Audio After The Jump…“Some bwoy a carry feelings and all vex fi him gal” Run that…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/1.Chino – SEX SYMBOL.mp3]

“We no take intimindation, we armed and we ready” Run that…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/3.Chino – Argument (On Top Already).mp3]

Can’t wait to hear the rest of the Quack riddim juggling; never mad at those classical dancehall vibes.

Lick it back from the top (Original Jammy’s Duck riddim)

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