WATCH THIS: Spice Interview “She Can’t Style Me, Lyrically or Physically”

The Mad Gyal Goes OnStage With Winford Williams To Talk Di Tings Dem

The Dancehall girl fight continues to escalate as Spice visits OnStage with Winford Williams, the same show where Macka Diamond recently vented frustration against various female artists including Lady Saw and another whom she would refer to only as “the black one.” (UPDATE: Macka has even released a diss song called “Kill the Black One.”) Though she says she considers herself “Black and beautiful,” Spice made no attempt to hide her annoyance with Macka. “Me haffi box her down, jook out her eye, and nearly take out the eye outta her head,” Spice recalled of a physical confrontation between the artists some years back. Though the guys get most of the attention with their so-called beef and lyrical clashes, Spice says the dancehall divas have some serious rivalries of their own: “The women dem inna the business, them fight ‘gainst them one another. It come in like crab inna barrel. If you put on a nail polish, and it look better than fi her own, them wan’ chop off your fingers fe it.” Wow. Spice goes on to recall her falling out with Lady Saw. But she says her and Tifa’s song “Why You Mad” was not written for anyone in particular. Well, not anyone that she cares to mention at the moment. Video After The Jump…“Wha fly up Inna Macka head?” Run that…

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