WATCH THIS: Snoop Lion “Reincarnated” Extended Trailer

Check The Brand New Trailer For The Film That Tells How The Dogg Became A Lion

Earlier this week, the Snoop Lion documentary Reincarnated was screened for a small group of media at the Sony headquarters in midtown Manhattan. After seeing the movie in full, an old Wailers lyric came to mind: “Half the story has never been told.” It may seem strange to see a gangsta rap icon from the LBC saying Jah Rastafari and singing over reggae beats. Some have even called it a gimmick. (And when Snoop released his “Hot Pockets” video with showers of pepperoni raining from the sky, it was hard to argue with them—unless there’s an ital version of Hot Pockets on the way.) But despite the apparent contradictions, don’t make up your mind until you see this film, which will hit theaters in 2013. Snoop’s visit to Alpha Boys School in Kingston, freestyling over a live version of “Rockfort Rock,” or his impromptu session with Cutty Corn in a hole-in-the-wall studio near Tivoli Gardens (not to mention his Mind Gardens project) puts this whole Snoop Lion thing in a new light. And as for his baptism as Berhane in a Niyabinghi temple (seen above), well you’ll have to judge for yourself. Who says you can’t teach an old Dogg new tricks? Video After The Jump…

“Any time the spirit calls you, you gotta know that it’s serious” Run that…

We still can’t wait for that “Fruit Juice” tune to touch the road.

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  1. Kyle says:

    Snoop Lion? You were talkin about Black Cops. What does your name sound like? But eh, you know who I AM and we gonna be alright. But you gotta connect with me brother. If you forgot who I AM, let me remind you: I was born in the grave, died and praised, who shot me but they weren’t even brave, 5 misses camee back with disses and now I’m back lookin for my mistress, she think I’m crazy but I got mad love like I feeling lazy.

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