WATCH THIS: Ninjaman Interview “We Create This, And We Set This”

Ninjaman Talks Strictly Business with Winford Williams of OnStageTV

Minutes after firing up an impromptu lyrical clash with Diamond during her own performance, dancehall legend Ninjaman took a seat across from Winford Williams for an unscheduled but typically awesome interview. The front-teeth-gold-teeth-gun-pon-teen Don Gorgon has lyrically “killed” many opponents over the years, as he says: “I still rule and will forever rule.” After many years of musical experience under his belt and a pending murder charge, Ninjaman has decided to slow it down a bit and focus on building a new business venture, an entertainment complex called Central Park by White River in Ocho Rios—to stabilize his future. But he’s still looking forward to this year’s Sting stage show. “Any war you ah bring, send valuable killers to face me.” As for facing a younger artist like Tommy Lee? “Me no fraid of no demon, caw me have five crocodile, two alligator, seven lion, seven tiger, and twelve hog… And me name Uncle Jesus.” Video after the jump…
Interview Here…

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“We leav ooman war to ooman and we deal with the man war.”


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