WATCH THIS: Macka Diamond Wants Her Respect

The Veteran DJ Chats With Winford Williams and Battles Ninja Man on OnStageTV

Macka Diamond is one dangerous dancehall diva! The former Lady Mackerel has been shutting down dancehalls for quite some years now. But on her path to musical success, she has encountered some bumps in the road, including friction with top dancehall artist Lady Saw, who was officially crowned Queen of the Dancehall this summer. Macka says she tried to ignore Saw’s jabs because she thought they were friends and it wasn’t worth fussing over. But since Macka started speaking out about it, she has caused quite a fuss. In fact Lady Saw recently said she was getting out of the business because she can’t bother with the stress from other artists. Although she mentioned no names, many people she was speaking about Macka Diamond. Well Macka recently sat down with Winford Williams of OnStageTV to tell her side of the story. She also performed her newest single and got a surprise guest appearance. Interview and Performance Video After the jump…

Interview Here….


Performance Here… 

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