WATCH THIS: Macka Diamond Interview: The War Has Just Started with Spice

The Dancehall Veteran, Author and Actress Reasons with Reshma B About Music, Money, Love & War

Hours after her no-show at Sting 2012—where she was expected to clash Spice—Macka Diamond went straight to the studio to record a dis track called “Donkey.” Her next stop was an early morning interview with Reshma B for Boomshots. Macka explained to the ReggaeGirlAboutTown that she did not run from the clash and that Spice would have been “an easy kill.” In this epic four-part interview, Macka Diamond speaks on her earlier dis track “Kill The Black One,” and tries to clear up any misunderstanding about the lyrics. While Macka’s differences with Lady Saw are in the past, she says her war with Spice has just begun—and that her offer still stands to pay Spice for a clash at her upcoming birthday bash. But Macka has lots of other projects going on besides clashing. She talks about latest book for Page Turner Publishing, Naughty or Nice, the sequel to her successful debut novel Bun Him, and about her latest movie role. Because at the end of the day, Macka is all about her “Money-O.” Video After The Jump…

Part 1 of 4: “I did not run from the clash”

Part 2 of 4: “She call me donkey so me say dancehall monkey”

Part 3 of 4: “Jamaican men fear powerful women”

Part 4 of 4: “I’m still gonna be fabulous at 50”

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