HEAR THIS: Cecile “Upgrade”

Yummy Mummy Hots Up The Corner Shop Riddim

There’s plenty of fish in the sea—and according to Cecile there are some better ones. Apparently! Looks like the Yummy Mummy is back to her bad gyal self. This tune on finds her on the prowl for a man who “want the key to her likkle padlock.” She’s not just hotting up 21st Hapilos’ crucial Corner Shop riddim, she’s causing a four-alarm fire. Cecile’s advice to the guys is straight up: “No need to stay if you aint getting enough.” The facts, as she lays them out, are this: it’s a 10 to 1 girl-to-man ratio. So there’s no need to go to jail for a girl when another one is just round the corner right? Not sure if this is a tune for the boys or the girls but it’s definitely a reminder for both sides: Guys ‘if it nah work so jus move on then’,  girls don’t sleep on your duties because if your man come across a girl like Cecile he might just ‘Upgrade’! Audio After The Jump…

”if your girl nah treat you right why come check me let me hold you tight……..Time fi Upgade”

[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/CECILE – UPGRADE – CORNER SHOP RIDDIM – 21ST HAPILOS-21ST.mp3]
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