WATCH THIS: Richie Spice Talks About His New Acoustic Album “Soothing Sounds”

The Rootical Singer Spices Up”OnStageTv”

Most people got to know Richie Spice when he dropped his hit single “Youth Dem Cold,” but like most “overnight successes” Spice has been grinding for years before he made it big. His first certified boomshot, “Earth A Run Red” came out back in 1999 and since then he has been nothing less than a true inspiration and positive reinforcement in the Reggae music industry. He has released 9 albums including his latest, Richie Spice Acoustic – Soothing Sounds. On top of being a top-selling Reggae artist, Spice has been an opening act for Rita Marley, runs a label with his brothers and has had a single featured on Grand Theft Auto. But with so many accomplishments, it seems that Spice never takes a break. His ultimate goal is to keep his fans happy with new music—so he took a visit to OnStageTv and presented his new album, video and blessed the place with a live performance.  Video after the jump…

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