WATCH THIS: New Kidz, Baby Chris, Ding Dong “Street Pledge” Video

Truck Back Family Brings Fun Into The Dancehall
Steve Locke of Truck Back Records has dreamed up another smash in “Street Pledge,” the latest smash hit from Truck Back Records. “The song came to me in a dream,” Locke told The Jamaica Star. “I woke up the next morning and started putting pen to paper.” Although he dreamed that he saw Baby Chris and New Kidz doing the song, Ding Dong happened to be in Locke’s studio—which is literally in the back of a truck—and since nobody makes a dancehall pop anthem like Ding Dong, he jumped on the song too. “Street Pledge” is shaping up to be the new ravers theme song. Reinterpreting Fun’s No. 1 hit “We Are Young” in a dancehall style, the video places the song firmly in the streets of Kingston. Nobody does road better. Video After The Jump…

“Between the shots of Hennessys and flossing on my enemies…” Run that!

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