Maya Opens Up Her Laptops And Talks About Her Artistic Journey From Arular to Matangi
Just after Hurrican Sandy wreaked havoc on New York City, M.I.A. blew into town for a artist chat at the Museum of Modern Art’s PS1 Performance Dome in Queens. The event was supposed to be a discussion of her new book, but due to the storm copies were in scarce supply. Maya did offer signed prints for sale, donating a portion of the proceeds to Hurricane Sandy victims. M.I.A. spent a little bit of time speaking about her new album, Matangi, which will not be released in December but will feature green parrots and a newfound sense of spirtuality mixed with a touch of get-back at all the haters. But the bulk of her talk was a free-wheeling stroll through three laptop computers that she used to create her last three albums. Like so many UK underground musicians M.I.A. has always had a generous portion of reggaematic and spacey dubwise sounds in her audio mix. Boomshots first spoke with her back in 2005, and we’ve always had a soft spot for her roots rock rebel spirit. At MoMa she spoke about her early work as a London video artist (often making awesome clips of herself dancing), her progression to more politically charged stencil art, and why she keeps falling in and out of love with the Internet. Video After the Jump…

Let’s go to the video tape…

M.I.A. Speaks: Part 1 of 3

M.I.A. Speaks: Part 2 of 3

M.I.A. Speaks: Part 3 of 3

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  1. Petey says:

    this is really great! was this all you guys were able to film? i know it was over an hour long.

  2. Nargis says:

    wheres the rest of it!?

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