WATCH THIS: BRNGTN “Anytime” Video

She’s Gotta Have It… By All Means Necessary

Last time we checked in with BK-rapper BRNGTN he was pouring out his heart asking God for help with life’s big issues. This time around he’s banging on the door asking a pretty young thing for sex. Musically BRNGTN sticks with the same approach: blending hip-hop flows and rugged reggae instrumentals—in this case the mighty Stalag riddim. At the end of the day this video turns into another case of “be careful what you wish for.” Video After The Jump…
 “X rated, ah so de gyal dem want it” Run that…

If you love it, then download the track from BRNGTN’s Soundcloud

4 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    This video is fire

  2. Anderson says:

    this video is very dope its funny and have sex appeal this is the fun that music lack these days dudes gotta be cool with their music and most of all your an entertainer your music and videos should be entertaining .. i like this Vid from the guy at the door to shorty and the suprise ending

  3. Trina Simone says:

    Funny and creative…. Love it!

  4. Trina Simone says:

    I love the video! Funny and creative…

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