Vybz Kartel Murder Trial Postponed Again

The Werlboss Won’t Have His Day In Court Until Next Year

“No time for no jail time that a waste time,” Kartel sang back in 2009 so you can bet that spending over a year awaiting a trial date is not Adidja Palmer’s first choice of activities. But unfortunately, Kartel doesn’t have much say over his current predicament. On trial for not one but two murders, Kartel learned yesterday that he will have to wait until 2013 for his day in court. Read More After the Jump 

Kartel has been in custody since September, 2011. The charge for the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams will be revisited on January 21. Police say they have video and audio recordings tying Kartel and his associates to the crime. There is also reportedly an eyewitness ready to testify. Next Monday he will go to court for conspiracy in relation to Williams’s murder. On top of that, Kartel will face another trial on December 3rd for the murder of Barrington Burton.

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