Snoop Lion Plants Good Seeds With His Mind Gardens Project

Snoop Said He Would Give Back To Jamaica, And He’s Backing Up His Words With Actions

This July when Berhane aka Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dogg) stopped by the Strictly Boomshots show, he had lots of big news to share. Not only was he transforming from a rapper to a reggae artist, and releasing a documentary film about how he was Reincarnated, he also said he was going to be giving back to the people of in Jamaica. Now lots of people talk that talk, but actions speak louder than words. And this week, Snoop proved that his word is his bond. Details after the jump…

Snoop has always been one to support community causes whenever he can. From hosting on The Price is Right to raise money for his Snoop Dogg Football League to supporting different charities like Whatever it Takes, The Healing Circle, and Save a Life Foundation, Snoop is no stranger to helping those in need. So it comes as no surprise to hear that he’s now joined forces with Reed’s Ginger Brew and to do good works for the youths of Kingston, Jamaica.

“When I went to Jamaica we took time to visit these communities in Kingston, and I was deeply affected by the poverty and lack of good food available to the children,” says SnoopLion. “No child should go hungry. After all the inspiration Jamaica had provided me, I felt compelled to create a program to give back to the community.”

Snoop’s newest effort is called the Mind Gardens Project, a non-profit initiative to establish sustainable, organic community gardens t provide fresh fruits and vegetables to school-aged children in Jamaica. More details on the Mind Gardens Project and how you can get involved.

“This is just the start, we have some big plans to roll out Mind Gardens stateside in the year to come,” says Snoop Lion, who has lined up some major supporters for his effort, including entrepreneur and philanthropist John Paul DeJoria of Paul Mitchell and Patrón Spirits for the Mind Gardens Project. “We can all do our part to help people eat healthier and live better. Bless up! Jah Rastafari!”

Mind Gardens volunteers in Trench Town

Ras Eddie harvests some scotch bonnet peppers in Trenchtown

National Baptist Basic School in Trench Town, one of the first schools to receive produce from the Mind Gardens.

Sowing good seeds for the future.

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  1. Night Nurse says:

    glad he’s teaching them how to grow their own food & eat healthier — wouldn’t want them to be reaching for some pepperoni (sausage) hot pockets!

    It pains me to see the Ehtiopian Cross dangling about Snoop Lyin’s neck during this commercial for fast-food, pork-included products. Glad he can balance it out in Jamaica with good deeds and natural foods.

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