Rihanna Rocks Custom-Made Bob Marley Dress on SNL

You Won’t Believe How This One Was Created

Rihanna has always had a unique sense of fashion—from pairing chucks with a girly, pink dress to a bustier top and high-waisted shorts, her style has caught everyone’s attention from day one. And of course her vision has paved a path for millions of fans to follow. But RiRi’s best looks are those that can’t be duplicated. Case in point: the Bob Marley dress Rihanna wore during last weekend’s SNL performance. Boomshots did a little bit of digging and found out that the dress was a one of one. The Story Behind The Dress After The Jump…
Our first call was to Cedella Marley, the accomplished designer of the Catch A Fire and High Tide fashion lines, which often incorporate Bob Marley imagery. “It’s one of our T’s that her stylist deconstructed,” she told us, calling the look. “Uber cool.”

Next we got in touch with Adam Selman, the creative mind behind the dress, who gave us the story behind its creation:

“Rihanna’s stylist, Mel Ottenberg, and I were brainstorming and came up with the idea of using Bob Marley T’s to create a dress for a show since Rihanna is such a fan of Marley’s. I found the T-shirts in the subway station at 42nd street! There is a small CD store and I bought all the T’s he had. The rest is history.”

When asked if there were any duplicates to purchase, Selman revealed that unfortunately there were not:

“The dress is a one-of-a-kind and it was made very quickly so there isn’t much in terms of a duplicate or even a sketch,” stated Selman. “The shape is similar to one that will be available in Rihanna’s fashion line for River Island that I am working on with her that will debut in the Spring, sans the Bob Marley image though.”

Sad for fans that the dress will not be duplicated but understandable since the dress should be considered a one of one. A true honor to Bob Marley and the love and admiration Rihanna has for him can never been duplicated.

More photos of the dress below:







































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    Wow, amazing dress. Where can i purchase one 4 my daughter.

  2. milllie sibley says:

    rihanna dayummmm gierl.. where can i get on of these dresses bob marley and rihanna my two idols 😀

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