Is Lady Saw Getting Out Of The Game?

Say It Ain’t So, Saw! 

OMG! Is it really over for Lady Saw?!? They say “All Good Things Must Come To An End,” but we’re hoping this turns out to be one of those rumors that gets cleared up—fast!

Sadly this news does seem to be coming straight from the Queen herself. In a recent radio interview Saw discussed the struggles of life in the dancehall business and specifically the difficulties that she’s had with other female artists. She also discusses her calling from the Almighty and plans for a gospel collaboration with Mavado. (Which actually sounds kinda hot, come to think of it.) But still, why quit now just when she was about to shoot the video for her big single “Heels On,” and with an album of the same name on the way?

It’s not like Saw can’t mash up any dance, stage-show, or clash anytime she feels like it. Could this have anything to do with another recent interview in which Macka Diamond spoke of her issues with Lady Saw? It’s been no secret that Saw’s had her ups and downs with other females in the biz, including Spice & Tanya. But earlier this Summer, when Saw was crowned Queen of the Dancehall, she made a point of showing love for the other ladies in the business. How soon they forget. Interview After The Jump…

Lady Saw speaks with Daddy English:

Saw has been seeing some rough times lately with speculation about her relationship being on the rocks…. But this is Muma Saw—the same woman who can take out any male counterpart with her lyrical attack. What happens if the Queen steps down? What will all those girls do who’ve ever gotten caught up in a “2 man me have” situation, or the ones who love to “balance pon neck like a dumpa truck,” or who think nothing of telling a guy to “Stab up the meat”? To whom will they turn for musical support?

If Saw really does bow out, she leaves having achieved a hell of a lot. The Queen’s been reigning in the dancehall for years and has the crown to prove it. Saw is still standing tall—fit and ready to take on the next thing she has her eye on. Don’t sleep! Sumfing tells me Saw is the one winning in this situation—so keep it locked

Let’s hope it’s not goodbye—maybe just “see ya later.”

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