HEAR THIS: Stylo G Speaks On “Press Up”

UK Yardie Swagmaster Pays Tribute to his Father, Dancehall Legend Poison Chang

Stylo G’s “bringing back the wuk” in a tribute to his father, the late great dancehall star Poison Chang. Stylo’s always had a knack for catchy tunes, but this one sounds like it means more to him than most. So we had to holler at him to find out about the classic bedroom move that’s creating such a fuss. This boy always seems to be in the studio so if he’s playing as hard as he’s working you know some pressing up is going on in between his sheets! Stylo took a break from recording to bless us with another Boomshots exclusive. He spoke about memories of his father when he was growing up in Spanish Town Jamaica. It’s clear how much he misses his dad but also clear how much Chang inspired Stylo’s own musical career. ”I’ve always wanted to remix my dad’s track,” said Stylo, who’s moved to forefront of the UK dancehall scene since the release of his smash hit “Call Me A Yardie.” We’re sure Poison Chang would be proud. Oh, and he also says his dad was all about the ladies—so there’s no question how Stylo got his swag! Audio And Interview After The Jump…

There’s something sexy about a guy who can remix his dad’s classic tune and add his own swagger to make it sound like his own. If he gets it on point it’s a win. On the other hand if he misses then it’s just sh*t. Good thing Stylo did justice to this one—with the help of Hamburg, Germany–based producers So-Shifty the ting tun up! We’ll let Stylo explain the rest:

STYLO G ON THE MAKING OF “PRESS UP” 2013 STYLE: Well “Press Up” is one of my Dad’s songs, which is known worldwide. I’ve always wanted to remix my dad’s song, and I feel like this is the right time, when I got a lot more listeners. So I decided let’s go ahead. I’ve just been waiting for the right instrumental to come. So Supersonic sounds, dem guys sent me a bad instrumental. One of them just connected and I just went in the studio and just started doing over back my dad’s song but more like a 2013 swagger.”

STYLO G ON HIS FATHER POISON CHANG: “There is so much memories, man. I grow up with my dad since I born in Homestead, Spanish Town. We all grew up in that big yard together. My dad was like celebrity cause he used to go abroad performing. He had songs like “Press Up,” the one I did, and he had a track called “Gone Clear.” [Sings “Seet deh now, the gal dem gone clear”]. He had bare songs, man. Yeah, at the time he had so much songs. He was voicing with Ken at Miami Voice Studio in Spanish Town. He had something with Top Cat back in the days. You know so he was a big dancehall artist back in the day.

“Sadly my dad passed away in 1998 so he couldn’t really get to finish his career. So I kinda just take it on board and decide that I’m gonna finish the job. Letting people know that Poison Chang was about and he had talent and he inspired me. He brang me onstage when I was about 7, 8. I used to go to studio growing up at the age of 10, 11 seeing him working and doing his thing with Penny Irie and all of them artists—Papa San. So he is the main influence in my life. He was a ladies man you know. And just being that guy from Spanish Town, homestead. And he was the main artist that was putting the community on the map. So everyone in the area was proud of him. For me as a youth it was good cause I was getting treated well.”

STYLO G ON THE MEANING OF “PRESS UP”: “Basically my dad create this swag. You know like you have Bogle—he just create the style. My dad say, Yo me have a wuk called “Press Up.” And he used to explain it to the ladies back in the days: “Girl, lie down pon yuh back and show man say you rough. Two hand pon you back girl, then you press it up.” So it’s like a little routine thing going on. So I decide I just bring it back to a new 2013 version. My dad one was a bit slower but this one I just take up the pace a little more. Put a bit more inna it. You know them Supersonic guys’ production. They working with Diplo too for Major Lazer so they got some good stuff going on. So when I heard it I just get into it. It’s nice. I’m thinking we need to do a video for it.”

STYLO G ON WHICH GIRLS “PRESS UP” THE BEST: “From my experience, me get a good response from London right now. So the London girls, them can press up. And when them press everything smooth!”

All I can say is that sounds like a heck of a video. Girls get to the gym, and Boys start practising!

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“Stylo alone have her punany key” Run the track…

The Original: Poison Chang “Press Up” (1992) produced by Steely & Clevie

Like Father, Like Son: Poisonous Chang (at left) Always Dressed to Impress

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