HEAR THIS: Mavado “Special Kinda Gyal”

Every Gangster Needs The Right Girl

Shabba put it straight when he said “happiness is a tight punany.” It must be true cause young gentlemen sing that to every kinda beat. The latest release from Di Genius is no exception. This one’s dedicated to the Gully Gad’s bad gyal. Sounds like she’s gotta be real bad—bad like the carnival. But more importantly she’s gotta know how to bend over and please him, and never leave him. Clearly he knows what he wants. Some guys think they want a bad girl but when they get one they cry about it. But just know that being a gangster’s special kinda gyal is no joke, and if you’re thinking you want to sign up for the challenge know what you’re gonna be in for. But something tells me if you make it to the finish line he’ll return the favor real good. Audio after the jump…

“I’ll play you like a Spanish guitar, over and over again.” Run that…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/Mavado Special Kinda Gyal (Raw).mp3]

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