HEAR THIS: Karian Sang ft. Shaggy “Pon De Wall”

Jamaican-Born Beauty Looking For Mr. Lover To Bruk It DownThe artist formerly known as Lil Precious is now going by her born name Karian Sang. Nice to see this Jamaican-born Canadian cutie embracing her culture to the fullest. She just dropped a new song with Shaggy that’s full of dutty dancehall slang. You gotta love it when she starts talkin bout “wine pon the edge” and “bruk down the bed.” This girl sounds almost as good as she looks. Not mad. At all. Audio After The Jump…

“Boy come undress me, pon de wall and show me who the best be” Run that…
[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/Pon Deh Wall.mp3]

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  1. vinny says:

    i think that girl is beautyful proper piff.

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