HEAR THIS: Christopher Martin, Chevaughn, D-Major & Ice Man “Till You Do Me Right”

Techniques And Truck Back Connect For A Pretty Song About How Love’s Not Always Pretty

Love is lovely, and war is kinda ugly. But what about the space in between? “Till You Do Me Right” explores that no man’s land with sensitive vocals from a quartet of voices. But we can’t stop asking ourselves—what if all these guys are singing about the same girl? That would explain why there’s so vexed! Audio After The Jump…

“I did my best to keep you satisfied” Run the track…

By popular demand, here’s the acoustic version…

And why not throw in the “unplugged” version too?

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  1. Syd says:


  2. Shawn Wallace says:

    I heard this song today on Fame and it sound good. ICe man surprise mi still, never kno the breda coulda sing. Keep up the music gents

  3. omar says:

    yeah the song bad mi want to download it how mi can get it

  4. KD Infinity says:

    D Major loving all the covers from only u yow all a them shatt a swear me and the kids sing them in the car when i pick them up from school. where can i get till you do me right, i’m always the first to play your songs here in the UK on my show dancehall vibes 97.5 kemet fm fridays 9pm-12

  5. KD Infinity says:

    The unplugged version madddd where can i get it kaboom gunshot tune baddddd

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