Gunmen Rob Khago; Did Friends Sell Him Out?

Khago Strives To Remain Positive, But Questions Linger

You would think that being robbed at gunpoint would scare someone into hiding but for Reggae/Dancehall star Khago, it has had the exact opposite effect on him. He and members of his team were recently held up while working at Khago’s unfinished home in Mandeville, Jamaica. Though the gunmen didn’t get anything major but cellphones and a bicycle, the incident in itself was disturbing. Ironically the singer who shot to fame by singing “Nah Sell Out Me Friend Dem” suspects that the robbery may have been set up by some associates of his. Although he feels violated, he is trying to stay focused on his plans to finish his house and keep creating more music.  Check out Khago’s thoughts on the robbery below.

“Right now mi haffi just gwaan duh mi ting and nuh let people break mi, because a try dem a try discourage mi. The matter was reported to the police station and I will continue to strive to be the best that I can be. Some people just don’t want to work in order to make it, they want to survive by taking your things or threatening your life.”

Via The Jamaica Star

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