Diplo Does Dancehall In Vanity Fair

Wes Takes The VF Massive To Jamaica and Introduces Them to Popcaan, Busy, and Passa Passa

Diplo and his road dog / top shotta Shane McCauley have published a photo essay in the latest issue of Vanity Fair as the producer behind Major Lazer continues to expose dancehall to a wider audience. “I was in Jamaica during this time recording with a crew for a secret project,” Diplo write in the story. “Popcaan has been brought in to give us some current vibes, and also some weed and other stuff. His favorite drink is a weird fruit flavor of vodka that he mentions in mad songs. In fact, he mentions me and the producer Dre Skull in this tune we are recording, and his friends and the studio. In Jamaica nearly every song is a document of the moment. Dre Skull will release Popcaan’s next single and has been a producer within the Vybz camp for a few years. In fact, he produced the entire Vybz album, Kingston Story, in 2011—one of the most coherent and best long-player dancehall albums in the past decades. Dre Skull produces videos for the songs he produces, too, and through his YouTube channel, these videos and the ad revenue they generate support his label on a day-to-day basis. It’s a funny economy that just sorted itself out, since the fall of the old days of record deals and CD sales—but dancehall still found a way to keep the doors open.” More Photos After The Jump…

Creep Chromatic
Dutty Dancing on Sugarman’s Beach

Dre Skull

Busy Signal

For the full story, check out the latest issue of Vanity Fair .

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