WATCH THIS: Mr. Vegas “Ready To Rise Again” Video

Reggae Star Pours Out His Heartaches At RockHouse Foundation Benefit in NYC

“Thanks to God almighty, for giving me the strength to perform at the RockHouse Foundation‘s annual benefit to raise money to build schools in Jamaica this evening,” wrote Mr. Vegas late last night on his Facebook page—the same Facebook page where he posted scandalous allegations about his baby’s mother just the day before. But now things seem to be looking up, with the singer sharing that “I felt like heaven lifted some of my troubles off my shoulders as I sang ‘I Am Ready To Rise Again.'” Video After The Jump This first week of October has been a difficult stretch for the reggae star whose certified Boomshot “Bruk It Down” is currently in heavy rotation on worldwide radio stations.. On Monday the reggae star posted a worrisome prayer on Facebook: “The images of betrayal are plaguing my mind, Lord please erase them and make me whole again. I call on you father, please do not forsake me nor ignore my cries, please Lord, I will do thy will and serve you from today onward. Lord my soul is sunken deep into despair, my heart is broken, make haste to my supplication.”

On Tuesday things went from bad worse, with Vegas accusing the mother of his one-year-old daughter of sleeping with a married man in their house, posting a photograph of the alleged lovers, threatening to follow up with an incriminating video, and demanding custody of his one-year-old daughter, who allegedly witnessed the illicit liason. If that was rock bottom, by Wednesday night the singer was “ready to rise again.” Performing at Joe’s Pub in New York City for a fundraising event benefitting the Rochouse Foundation—a nonprofit organization that transforms the places where Jamaica’s children learn and supports the people who teach them—Vegas sang “Rise” his moving cover of UK soul singer Gabrielle’s 2000 chart-topper, before seguing into the Bob Dylan classic “Knocking On Heaven’s Door.”

Check Out Mr. Vegas’ heartfelt performance on this exclusive Boomshots video.

Gabrielle’s “Rise” Music Video

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    whooi shouldnt put d business a road.. every tom dick n babzzy hav a comment now

  2. Sheca says:

    The Truth About Mr.Vagas Baby Mother Drama
    Youtube link:

  3. veritas says:

    Why di artiste give up control a d situation if his child being abused n he have no legal rights? If she was still at his house he could still hav access to his daughter… why kick her out? Something no mek sense…
    Now him no knowweh him pickney deh n him nuh hav no right fi tek d pickney…wow

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