WATCH THIS: Cham “Stripper Pose” Video

This Might Just Be The Sexiest Video Of The Year

We’ve seen a lot of sexiness in dancehall videos this year. We’ve seen girls tun up, bruk it down, and just a bubble. But this new Cham joint just took it to another level. It’s so simple, so raw, so real. Cham just strung up a sound, threw a likkle beach party, and invited a few friends over, and everyTING tun up. The only part we don’t understand is why the hook says “you own the clothes” and these girls are wearing next to nothing. Oh well, bikinis ain’t cheap. Just make sure to rinse the sand outta your shorts. Video after the jump

“It tun up—doh? Show dem say yuh mad. Weh dem ah chat bout?” Run that red…

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