WATCH THIS: BRNGTN “Don’t Forsake Me” Video

Brownsville’s Own B-A-double-R-Y Kicks Ballistics Over a Foundation Riddim

BRNGTN is a BK-based rapper who describes his style as “Experimental / Hip Hop / Reggae.” Considering how much wack rapping has been done over reggae beats, getting it this right is somewhat of an experiment. His rhymes connect because they avoid cliche and get right to the heart of the “Everyday Struggle” between good and evil that each of us goes through. Throw that over a hard-hitting version of the “Unchained” riddim and you can’t lose. This tune also supports my theory that remakes of a foundation riddim tracks should be in harmony with the concept of the original song. The musicians played the riddim that way for a reason. Looking forward to his forthcoming Rhymes & Riddims EP.

Psalms 27:9
“Do not hide your face from me
Do not turn your servant away in anger
You have been my help
Do not leave nor forsake me
Oh God of my salvation…”

“For every ice grill I got a handful of heat” Let it go…

If you love it, then Download the track from BRNGTN’s Soundcloud

5 Responses

  1. M. Barker says:

    Maad tings!!! Dude lyrics connect right, def star potential! Son got dat BK swag all thru the video too…Nice!

  2. anderson says:

    This sound is dope and da yout a speak true lyrics

  3. Don says:

    I like this. He on point with the lyrics…

  4. Trina Simone says:

    It’s refreshing to hear an Artist speak from the heart through poetic lyrical creativity and passion for music! I’m excited to see what God has in store for him.

  5. Trina Simone says:

    Refreshing to hear real creative hip hop music! Industry is definitely lacking. Without Artists like BRNGTN we are left with the same ole crap.

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