INTERVIEW: Jah Thomas Speaks on Super Cat & Nas “The Don”

Reasoning With A Dancehall Legend
Besides being a crucial entertainer with the mic in his hand, Jah Thomas was one of the first dancehall DJs to take control of his own destiny as a businessman. His “Midnight Rock” label did not just release certified boomshots like his own “Shoulder Move” and “Friday Night Jamboree,” he also released the work of fellow artists like a young Super Cat. Cat’s Midnight Rock release “Dance Inna New York” became a big sensation when it was sampled to create Nas’s Salaam Remi-produced banger “The Don.” Backstage at this year’s Reggae Sumfest, we were fortunate enough to bump into Papa Thomas and a legendary interview ensued. He said that proceeds from the Nas sample has changed the color on his house, and that he recently discovered an unreleased Super Cat song called “Ever Ready.” (We’re more than ready to hear that.) Props to Snowcone for making the introduction. Video after the jump…

“How me look? How me sound?” Run that…

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