HEAR THIS: Cocoa Tea Pon Radio Lily

Cocoa Calls In To The Strictly Boomshots Show

We don’t usually do phoners on the Strictly Boomshots show—but we made an exception for Cocoa Tea. The fisherman from Clarendon has caught more than a few classics in the stormy seas of reggae music. Think about all the eras this classical reggae dancehall superstar spans—from Junjo to Jammys to  Music Works to Bobby Digital to Xterminator and most recently his own Roaring Lion productions—we’re talking hits pon top of hits. Long story short, the Miss Lily’s fam was more than happy to have Cocoa ring up this Monday. We reasoned about his forthcoming album Ina Di Red, and his big collabo with D’Angel—which has folks speculating whether he’s really resting in her nest. (For the record he has the utmost respect for her DJ skills, as for the rest of the rumors… draw your own conclusions.) He even dropped some science on Christopher Come-Rob-Us, broke down the true meaning of “dancehall,” and made a plea to free up his bredren Buju Banton. You don’t want to miss this one. Interview And Live Session After The Jump…

“Yes we Ina di Red” Run that…

[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/STRICTLY BOOMSHOTS RADIO LILY 10.08.12 COCOA TEA 2.mp3]

Big up Solomonic Sound For the Linkage… Check out their latest dance with Cocoa… Total Niceness

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