WATCH THIS: Jah Cure ft 2Pac “All By Myself”

Cure unleashes A Thought Provoking Tune Alongside The Rap God

Having served a long stretch himself, Jah Cure has always championed the cause of deterring the youths away from a life of crime by showing them that life behind prison walls is no paradise. In this recent cut, Iyah chronicles his lonely days while behind bars and how his faith in God never wavered even when he contemplated breaking out. Even though the track is name All By Myself Cure is aided by none other than the Rap God himself 2Pac who explains that the life of a celebrity isn’t as grand as it seems – hey, thugs get lonely to. R.I.P Tupac Shakur.

“They tried to make me guilty. Only God can judge me!” Let it go…

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