THROWBACK: Garnet Silk “Nothing Can Divide Us” Live

The Archangel Testifies To The Power of Love

From “Splashing Dashing” to “Mama Africa” to the “Lion Roars,” Garnet Silk blessed us with some amazing records during his brief, brilliant time on earth. The LPs and 45s trace the outlines of a stellar career, but if you never got the chance to experience Garnet live, then you’ll never fully overstand why so many people believed his voice would lead reggae to the promised land. Just check out this classic performance on Buju & Friends stage show, as Garnet sings about a love so powerful that nothing—and no one—can stand in its way. Anyone who’s ever been kept apart from the one they love by powers beyond their control will be sure to feel Garnet’s fire when he sings: “I was born to love you. And you were born to love me too. And I can’t deny it, for I love you more each minute.” One look at the ladies in the crowd and you can plainly see the’re feeling it too. Hard to believe it’s been so long since the archangel flew away home.

“All I need is you beside me.” Run that…

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