HEAR THIS: Miguel Feat. Konshens “Adorn Remix”

Konshens Jumps On Miguel’s Chart Topping Single With His Own Words For The Ladies 

Miguel’s latest single has been burning up the charts as well as putting the ladies in a frenzy. Not the be left out and we know how much Konshens loves the ladies (and they love him) rude boy jumps on the Tropical Blends assisted remix of Adorn. Konshens speaks directly to the ladies on this one and gets straight to the point, as he said “no bag a long talking” – Run tune.

[audio:https://www.boomshots.com/tunes/MIGUEL FEATURING KONSHENS – ADORN – ADORN – DJ MIKE D – TROPICAL BLENDZ REMIX-MIKE D-21ST.mp3]

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