HEAR THIS: Lady Saw “Heels On” (Raw)

She’s Been Waiting So Long

Anybody can have sex with their heels on, but it’s the First Lady of Dancehall who can show you exactly how to tan tuddy on big man buddy. Boom—on the slow-burning first single off her new album (produced by Diva Records and mixed by Teetimus and the Truckback team) big mamma ain’t holding back. It starts out sounding all sweet and innocent but don’t sleep. Boys you’re in trouble tonight, cause we’re not talking “grind like you working for tips” we’re talking a shag like you’ve been owed. Leopard print underwear (of course), shaved chow-cha, and a whole heap of muscle control—”it full of function”—basically everyTING! Guys: set the clock and hang up the Do Not Disturb Sign. Girls: you don’t want to get those pretty pumps dirty, so resume the favourite position “Balance pon your head like a Dumpa Truck.” (Time to hit the gym!) And when it’s over Long C*cky Fren can Dweet again #FlipItAndReverseIt
“I can see you got a hard-on; wait a minute let me turn up my Trey Songz” Run that…

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  1. Antoinette says:

    Song MAD HOT!!!!!!!,!!,!

  2. mad lady saw empower the lady’s!!!

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