HEAR THIS: Ce’Cile “Put It Deh”

The Yummy Mummy Is Back on the Badgyal Flex With Added Oomfff

It’s been great to hear Ce’Cile show off her singing voice in recent times. Her track “When Love Is Right” proves that even Badgyals can get swept off their feet. But I’m not madd at hearing more of Ce’Cile’s signature stuff. “Weh dem a say? Weh dem a say?”  You already know this girl ain’t scared to tell you how badass she is and she’s not shy to tell you ’bout her kitty kitty—cause you know every man want that.

So the Jamaican Badgyal’s about to hit you with a ton of bricks on her latest single “Put It Deh.” She linked up with the Head Concussion team to turn it up a notch. And if you’re getting a little hot under the collar, just know that she isn’t taking responsibility: “Don’t blame me, blame your mother.”

“Nuttin’ no wrong when I put it deh.” #handlethat

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