DOWNLOAD: Tommy Lee vs G Starr Mixtape

The Gaza Spartan and The Gully Starr Go Head to Head On New Mixtape

Tommy Lee has had the dancehall world polarized since he stepped on the scene. Some love him for tunes like “Pussy Mechanic,” “Uncle Demon,” and “Psycho.” Other wonder if he really is psycho—like for real. But there’s no doubt that he’s repping hard for the Gaza. Meanwhile G Starr has been repping the Gully for a minute now and even dropped his own mixtape back in 2010. He hasn’t quite blown up yet—maybe it’s the dancehall illuminati‘s fault—but now Selector Jiggy has him going track for track with one of the hottest youths in the game. So who badder? Let the people decide. Audio after the jump.
“Mi nuh know bout dem” Let it go…

Download the mixtape here
Pree the full tracklist below…

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