Damian Marley Stole My Heart

“Affairs Of The Heart” Might Just Be The Realest Love Song Ever

Affairs Of The Heart…that’s something the entire universe can relate to. We all love, and no matter how tough people act, we all get mushy on the inside when we think about the object(s) of our affection.

I was deep into whipping up some dinner the other night when Damian “Junior Gong” Marley’s song came on the air. It was first released last Februrary (around Valentine’s Day) but it’s been playing on the radio a lot lately. So if you don’t know the track I’m referring to by now, you can’t call yourself a real music lover—now can you?

It’s not a new release, but trust mi… This track will go down as “timeless.” Watch!

At the very least I’d say this song qualifies for a “love song of the year” award. Yeah man. It’s pure and simple…just like love.

The lyrics are so sweet and real they make you want to fall in love. And if you’re already in love, they make you appreciate your special somebody even more. The man seh, “yuh love is life changing,” and even better “life saving”… Hello!

Ladies, don’t settle for less. This is the type of devotion we need to be hearing. Empress Divine we are.

Reggae and dancehall ah guh through some rough times. Sometimes the lyrics in some of these songs leave much to be desired. If it’s not “Baby baby I love you forever” then it’s “skin out and bruk out.”  You know the drill. That’s why I applaud Junior Gong for this track. Yeah man… the tune gone ah lead.

There are many other Reggae artists out there who touch our souls with their music—lions and lionesses who keep the culture strong. I will be bigging them up one by one. Believe that!

However, for today…Damian Marley, ah you have the Boomshot!

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  1. Ebony Eyezz says:

    Excellent and eloquently written Mumma. Totally feel the same way on the state of music on a whole. Music is about “telling a story”, and not leaving anything to the imagination anymore. Jr Gong kept it real. Salute!

  2. Kizzy says:

    Great Article Shilo! You know we can always count on Damian to keep it real!

  3. KeriBeri says:

    So true and well said Mumma Shilo. Dancehall older sister “Reggea” defines our culture and expresses the mind and the spirit of Jamaica, in my opinion. Damian Marley definitely captures that in his every word. You explain that so well in this article and break it down so perfectly so other may also grasp the essence of what reggea music brings. Proud reader I am. Well Done!

  4. Great article Shilo Evans, we need to pick the sense out of the nonsense and bring the reggae vibes back to it’s former glory days of love and spiritual upliftment. I love Reggae/Dancehall but it seems to have lost it’s way some how and the true essence seems to have been taken over by anything goes with no real direction or education…….Boomshots to the world, “reggae music again” Big up Mumma Shilo!

  5. Simma says:

    Yes Shilo dancehall music is not what it use to be. I am a proud Jamaican but some of these reggae songs are so degrading to women. This is one of my favourite songs to listen to. Big up to Damion Marley for this one.

  6. Frank Gloss says:

    Great article ! Reggae needs a “face lift” Back to the days of true positivity and love ! Truly a timeless tune…

  7. KellyOneLove says:

    Marley love all day everyday! I felt the need to say that 🙂
    I feel that anything Junior Gong puts his stamp on is emotionally gratifying. Life changing/saving love- heard of by many but not experienced by all.  When we can get over superficial pleasures and quit running after quantity then maybe we’ll slow down and learn to love deeper – quality. 
    To you Ms Shilo- I’ve always appreciated your writing style. Seems like you always have a good message thrown in which makes for a more memorable read. I look forward to more. 

  8. Na'imah says:

    Very much agreed!!! I have loved this song from the first moment I heard it and I don’t think it will ever grow old to me! Big up Ms Shilo!!! Can’t wait for future Boomshots!!!

  9. Shi, this is an excellent review of an excellent for this song. What is wrong with reggae music why excellent music like “Affairs of the Heart” never get the promotional play or airtime it deserves to make them into hits…..? I wonder. Maybe it is because the song “Affairs of the Heart” praises women in decent way as opposed to the normal crude and vulgar way a lot artist do when they try to give women back handed compliments. , It is nice to see a Rasta youte like “Gonzilla’ step up the bar of praise while still being an authentic roots rock artist alike any other dancehall artist. There is still too much appealing to the lowest common denominator (base) for the sake of hype

  10. Devyne says:

    Truly one of my favorite songs! Damian Marley really give us a classic, everytime I hear it nothing but good vibez. Bless up Mumma nice article

  11. Tangie says:

    Nicely written Shilo. Hearing this song makes me crave the days when Lover’s Rock ruled. Gong Zilla has definitely set a high standard with this one. Chuuunnne!

  12. Jah Elect says:

    Nice article Mumma!! Big up di one Jr. Gong, and yourself Shilo for all you do to keep promoting good reggae music. Bless

  13. JILL JACKS says:

    I AM A BIG-FAN OF YOURs ON FACEBOOK AND U ALWAYS KEEP ME ENTERTAIN, HAPPY TO FIND YOU ON A BIGGER PLATFORM! i’m looking forward to more Great article So true and well said!!! …one love

  14. Laurel says:

    Great read!Nothing less should be expected from the Witty, eloquent,articulate,intelligent, informed….Shilo! Did I mention entertaining?

    You Know Reggae!

    God bless!

  15. Shine says:

    Love the article Shilo. I expected nothing less! Junior Gong always gives his listeners something to think about and meditate on while keeping you moving with his music. The lyrics of “Affairs of the Heart” has to be “straight from the heart” of Junior Gong. Nothing but good vibes when you hear this song! Pure niceness. A boomshot fi real Shilo!

  16. Portia says:

    I’m and instant fan of this song. I’m always a sucker for a good love song! Nicely written Shilo!

  17. jilann says:

    the best song of the year ….love the article mummma shi-lo…

  18. Ric Zheron says:

    Great piece Shilo … love this track by Junior Gong !!!

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