WATCH THIS: Usain Bolt Celebrates Victory In Jamaica

The Last Time The World’s Fastest Man Brought Home That Olympic Gold The Party Tun Up
The first time Usain Bolt brought Olympic Gold back to Jamaica, after the 2008 Olympics, Mavado and Kartel wrote songs about him and his home parish of Trelawney threw a massive party for the World’s Fastest Man. His mom and dad were there to cheer him on by day, along with some lucky school children. But when the sun set that’s when the party really got poppin’. Tony Matterhorn, Ravers Clavers, and Mystic were all there to celebrate the moment—and Boomshots was there too. After today’s 1-2-3 medal sweep, we can only imagine what the next party is gonna look like. In the meantime, check out this video after the jump.
“Bolt 2 Di Werl” Let’s go to the video tape…

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